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  • Location: Pickett County, TN (and surrounding)
  • Type of Offering: Limited Liability Limited Partnership
  • Offering Size: $10,000,000
  • Total Project Units: 40
  • Number of Wells: 30
  • NRI: 1.64%
  • Working Interest: 2.00%


Ascension Energy Group, Inc., can be categorized as a transformational company. Contacts developed over 34 years, success's celebrated and errors learned from, provides a foundation and vehicle built for growth and profit in today's world. U.S. oil and gas development has, for over 100 years, provided an opportunity unlike any other industry on the planet. Today, more than ever, the growing need for secure energy resource development drives hundreds of thousands of jobs, billions of dollars and a grand future as far as one can imagine. It is our commitment to utilize not just the experience of success but also the lessons hard learned from failures, to evolve and grow as a major player in the evaluation, selection, development and operations of domestic energy resources.


  • Current cumulative production for Tennessee oil & gas now stands at more than 22.5 million barrels, at an estimated value of nearly $537 million.
  • Only about 15 percent of Tennessee has oil or gas production in place, but most geologists believe 60- 70 percent of the state has potential to produce crude oil and/or natural gas.
  • Leases held by the Ascension Energy Group, Inc., include the Herman Johnson Well #6L from Pickett County, Tennessee. This well is on record as the fourth most productive oil well in the state for 2012, with a market value of nearly $1 million.
  • A high percentage of the wells included in the leases, as well as in the surrounding areas, are already proven producers. With the continuous increase of oil prices worldwide, the potential for return on investment is high.
  • The Sequoia Energy Project, LLLP has in place a Production Deficiency Protection Plan, which covers 100% of any capital invested in the project.


The Sequoia Energy Project, LLLP, is seeking $10,000.000 for the acquisition, infrastructure repair, and treatment for the completion of 30 wells on the Crouch Brothers Lease & surrounding areas in Pickett County, Tennessee, bringing them to maximum operating profitability.

Senior Management

Ascension Energy Group, Inc.’s Senior Management Team Brings Decades of Oil & Gas Industry experience, maximizing our potential for success on each project.

Lon E. Stein, President: Lon E. Stein has had over 34 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. His first investment was an interest in the Costa Field in Crane County, Texas. It earned over $80 Million before being sold to Global Natural Resources for $14 million. Lon was a founder & part owner of Castle Rock Oil & Gas, which discovered the Townsend Field, a highly successful Wilcox Gas Field in Southern Texas that was eventually sold for $12 Million. He was also a partial owner of Cimarron Rig Partners, a Western Texas Drilling Company. Lon is excited to bring his wide range of experience to his day-to-day role with Ascension Energy Group, Inc.

Matthew D. Ehrhardt, CEO & Treasurer: Matthew D. Ehrhardt is part founder, shareholder, Treasurer and CEO of Ascension Energy Group, Inc. He attended both SUNY New Paltz and USC with a major in Economics. He has helped manage the operations for over $40 Million in business in multiple offices and has coined the term “Impossible Work Force” (IWF) meaning nothing is impossible. Matthew has 12 years experience working in high stress environments ranging from entertainment, new business design, accounting, & litigation with a main focus in the domestic energy industry for over 7 years. Being an artist and a businessman has presented the ability to incorporate creativity into both long-term goals and in the moment corporate decisions with operations & maneuvering for Ascension Energy Group, Inc.

Louis Judd: Operator
James D. Washburn: Geologist


Project Website: www.ascensionenergygroup.com/sequoia
Email Inquiries: sequoia@asceginc.com
Direct Phone Number: 702.906.2880