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  • Location:Throckmorton, Matagorda County, TX
  • Type of Offering: Limited Liability Limited Partnership
  • Offering Size: $6,250,000
  • Total Project Units:26
  • Number of Wells:44
  • NRI: 2.229% (multi-lease average)
  • Working Interest: 3.60% (multi-lease average)


Ascension Energy Group, Inc. has a primary focus of selecting Geologists, Geophysicists, Operators and Drillers with vast knowledge and current technology and applying these teams towards the development and production of oil and gas domestically. The Company has secured current and previous leases and operations in Tennessee and Texas with plans for possible future operations in California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The employees, consultants, contract agents and project managers have decade upon decade of knowledge and experience. In having drilled wells anywhere from shallow 1500' to upcoming producers at 12000' we have focused on developmental opportunities as opposed to "wild-cat" or discovery well drilling. Using today’s technology in evaluating and the selection of prospects as well as modern, state of the art completion treatments, the Company’s goal is to establish increased production and revenue generating properties.


  • Throckmorton County, TX Leases have more than 322 Acres combined, with space for additional locations to the Tannehill formation. There are currently 39 wells.
  • The equipment that comes along with the Throckmorton Leases is 6 (210) Tank Batteries, 39 equipped wells with rods, tubing and pump jacks, 3 separators and flowlines.
  • In Matagorda County, TX the Miocene shallow oil prospect will require a 4500’ total depth well with gross, un-risked reserves of 1.1 Million Bbls of oil in five prospective sands.
  • The Icarus Lewis A-1 Discovery wells in the Merlin Field (2001) produced initial production rates of 22 BPD and subsequent months of 46 BPD. After 13 years of production, it is still producing at 7BPD..
  • The Sequoia Energy Project, LLLP has in place a Production Deficiency Protection Plan, which mitigates risk and covers 100% of any principal deficiency invested in the project after 15 years.


The Sequoia Energy Project, LLLP, locations have been amended and the Limited Partnership is seeking funds for the acquisition and infrastructure repair of 39 wells on 5 leases in Throckmorton County,Texas bringing them to maximum operating profitability. In addition, there are 4 wells to be drilled to the Miocene formation in the Texas Gulf Coast Basin in Matagorda County, Texas inside of a fault trap.

Senior Management

Ascension Energy Group, Inc.’s Senior Management Team Brings Decades of Oil & Gas Industry experience, maximizing our potential for success on each project.

Lon E. Stein, President: Lon E. Stein has had over 34 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. His first investment was an interest in the Costa Field in Crane County, Texas. It earned over $80 Million before being sold to Global Natural Resources for $14 million. Lon was a founder & part owner of Castle Rock Oil & Gas, which discovered the Townsend Field, a highly successful Wilcox Gas Field in Southern Texas that was eventually sold for $12 Million. He was also a partial owner of Cimarron Rig Partners, a West Texas Drilling Company. Lon is excited to bring his wide range of experience to his day-to-day role with Ascension Energy Group, Inc.

Matthew D. Ehrhardt, CEO & Treasurer: Matthew D. Ehrhardt is part founder, shareholder, Treasurer and CEO of Ascension Energy Group, Inc. He attended both SUNY New Paltz and USC with a major in Economics. He has helped manage the operations for over $40 Million in business in multiple offices and has coined the term “Impossible Work Force” (IWF) meaning nothing is impossible. Matthew has 12 years experience working in high stress environments ranging from entertainment, new business design, accounting, & litigation with a main focus in the domestic energy industry for over 7 years. Being an artist and a businessman has presented the ability to incorporate creativity into both long-term goals and in the moment corporate decisions with operations & maneuvering for Ascension Energy Group, Inc.

Kaler Energy Corp: Operator
Rod Einspanier Geologist