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The Sequoia Energy Project, LLLP, locations have been amended and the Limited Partnership is seeking funds for the acquisition and infrastructure repair of 39 wells on 5 leases in Throckmorton County, Texas bringing them to maximum operating profitability.  In addition, there are 4 wells to be drilled to the Miocene formation in the Texas Gulf Coast Basin in Matagorda County, Texas inside of a fault trap.

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Ascension Energy Group, Inc., can be categorized as a transformational company. Contacts developed over 34 years, success's celebrated and errors learned from, provides a foundation and vehicle built for growth and profit in today's world. U.S. oil and gas development has, for over 100 years, provided an opportunity unlike any other industry on the planet.

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The Sequoia Project Only about 15 percent of Tennessee has oil or gas production in place, but most geologists believe 60- 70 percent of the state has potential to produce crude oil and/or natural gas.

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